‘Incredible’ Jupiter images revealed by NASA’s James Webb telescope

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope captured stunning images of Jupiter in new splendour.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is more than twice as large as all the other planets put together. Jupiter is the fifth in line to the Sun. 

Jupiter would be the size of a basketball if Earth were the size of a grape, according to NASA.

The Webb telescope has now captured images of its giant storms, auroras, and faint rings in greater detail.

We have never witnessed Jupiter in this way. Imke de Pater, professor emerita of planetary astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley, said, "It's all pretty incredible. She further stated, "To be honest, we hadn't really expected it to be this good.

As part of an international collaboration, De Pater oversaw the observations of Jupiter alongside Thierry Fouchet, a professor at the Paris Observatory. 

The images were taken in July and made public by NASA on Monday. NASA referred to the images as "giant news from a giant planet."

NASA released the first set of full-color images and data from the revolutionary telescope in July, revealing a glittering cosmic show of colliding galaxies and a dying star that captured hearts and imaginations on Earth.