New girl in town: "Pretty Woman" actress gives well-known character new depth

Olivia Valli has three words of advice for those who might attend the "Pretty Woman" Broadway touring production anticipating to see the 1990 movie recreated on stage.

Watch the film, Valli advised. Actually, I believe that simply reproducing the movie would do both the audience and the show itself a disservice. You want to present people with something unique.

Valli plays Vivian, a Hollywood call girl who is given the opportunity to travel with wealthy tycoon Edward to several public events he must attend as part of his business dealings. 

Edward is in Los Angeles on business. As the week progresses, what starts out as purely a transactional relationship develops into something deeper.

"This is a much more stylized piece," Valli explained over the phone recently. "There's more emphasis on the comedy, and it's also gotten a stronger narrative that's more up to date."

One benefit is that Vivian has more opportunities to leave when she feels disrespected, according to Valli. 

Her journey is really about realising her own value and learning that there is a support system of individuals who want to educate her and help her recognise her own strength.

Initially, Valli went on stage to perform as Kit, Vivian's witty roommate and fellow sex worker.