Patrick Bamford Says One Leeds Player Is 'Full Throttle' In Training

Patrick Bamford discussed Tyler Adams and his performances in Leeds training since joining the club on the Official Leeds United Podcast.

The American joined Leeds to replace the departing Kalvin Phillips, and Bamford reports that the midfielder is settling in well.

Indeed, the striker claims that Adams is performing admirably in training, claiming that he goes full throttle in every session.

Adams' training intensity, according to Bamford, is actually irritating.

In Leeds training, Bamford mentioned Adams.

"Ty has also come in, and it's difficult to fill Kalvin's role because of how good Kal was, but the way Ty wins the ball back - he's doing a good job so far," Bamford said.

"He and Marc complement each other well in midfield." However, Ty is vexing. He appears out of nowhere and takes off at full speed."

A few weeks ago, I was about to shoot when Ty appeared where he had no business being and slid in from a distance of ten metres.

I had just brought the ball down, and I believe it had gone over Rasmus Kristensen's head.

When we hear this about Adams in training, we can't help but wonder how good he would have been under Marcelo Bielsa.