These nine expert tips can assist you in shedding stubborn belly fat.

"Reduced physical activity and muscle mass, the number of children you've had, a family history of obesity, antidepressant use, and eating out or ordering in more frequently can all be factors," he says.

Pippa Campbell, a nutritionist, believes that too much insulin, the hormone that regulates metabolism, may be to blame.

Examine your stress levels Stress can wreck havoc on your stomach. "When your brain believes your life is in danger, it releases adrenalin and cortisol," explains Rob.

Change up your workouts There's no denying that exercise is an excellent stress reliever, releasing feel-good endorphins and providing a post-workout high

"Barre workouts are ideal," says Maria, because the small, controlled body-weight movements help build strength and bone density.

Eat in the correct order "Research has shown that the order in which we consume different food types can have a significant impact on our post-meal insulin levels," Pippa says.

"Protein should be consumed first in any meal." Even some vegetables can be starchy and high in carbohydrates, so eating protein first will have a lower impact on your insulin levels.

Have eggs for breakfast Take a step back from the toast. Pippa suggests avoiding carbohydrates at breakfast and lunch in favour of protein.

"Instead of porridge oats or granola, try two boiled eggs, smoked salmon, or a protein shake for breakfast."

Consume Mediterranean foods

Grazing should be limited "If you're eating nutritious, balanced meals high in protein and fibre, your body doesn't need anything else."

Consume Mediterranean foods